Sunday, July 31, 2011

Olivia and Zuzu

For some reason I can't get the video to rotate, so sorry about that.  Livy has discovered Ben's Zuzu pet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Couldn't find my camera cord at the moment, so for your viewing pleasure, I used a photo I had in my files.  One day recently, I walked in to find Ben playing his DS like this.   So, not even sure what I am going to ramble about, but I think I have a few quiet moments so here it goes:  We got our first garden tomatoe the other day and now we have several more...awesome!  So, I was watching the orginial show of Flipper with Ben since Dolphins are very much one of his favorite things of the moment...and I must say that I am compeltely amazed by Flipper.  Not only, was he super talented and smart...but also strong....he fought off (and I believe killed) an alligator and several sharks to protect and save his loved ones.  Who knew Flipper was such a warrior?  He always looks so playful and happy...flippin around and such.  It just tells you that ya never know what an individual has inside until they need to use it.  Maybe I shouldn't wear my Dolphins are Jerks shirt anymore.  Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Enjoying the h20s of SuMMer.

 My little beach baby.
 My Fish.
 My little boy who had just a tad too much mayo on his turkey sandwich.
 Neighborhood Friends in the Sprinkler.
The Dimming of the Day.
Busy, Busy, Crazy Summer days.  This week has been a whirlwind:  good for the most part, but exhausting.  I kind of need a break from summer to be quite honest!  I am thankful for the wonderful rains right now.  I love to hear the thunder.  Peaceful. This week we were blessed with an invitation from a friend to the lake.  She treated us to a wonderful day of sunshine and swimming. We had a few mishaps this week.... sunburns, chloriene burning eyes, smashed fingers...all to be chalked up as part of summer's calamities.  Baby is up and out and about, so hopefuly more update later.  Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hold your HorSes.

 Just wanted to share some recent paintings.  I had the wonderful opportunity to create Horse themed paintings for two little girls turning 9.  12x12 stretched canvas - acrylic paint

This painting was a special gift for a special friend of Isabelle's and her mom just happens to be my special we are all SpEcIaL. hehe.  Caroline loves art, reading, cats, etc I tried to incorporate all that wonderful jazz into the concept of her painting.  :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Fresh New Day

 Fresh & Bright Farmers Market Flowers from a Friend.  These smell amazing and have really lifted my spirits this week.
 While visiting my parents, I cam across this birdhouse that I painted for them many many moons ago.
This sweet painting was requested by a friend as a gift for a little girl who is turning one.  Her bedroom is pink with green polka dots.  This is a 12x12 stretched canvas & acrylic paint.   Next project:  Two horses are calling my paint brush... ---Misc. Round Up this fine A.M.---**Just in case you are not aware, it's hot out there.  I am thankful to have the a/c on.**This time visiting Brookfield Zoo, I noticed there were no Elephants for my viewing pleasure.  What's up with that?  **There is a giant dead ground hog in the woods just past our house.  It smells horrid.  I wish someone would take him away or burn him.  **Olivia had a regular dr. check up yesterday (good timing) and everything is looking great.  She is developing wonderfully besides that she should have a few more teeth by now (she still only has the two).  Her Dr. really made me feel better about the fall and put things in perspective for me.  Bonus:  I threatened the other two children before the visit to conduct their "best behavior" because it was so important for mommy to talk without interruption and to hear what the Dr. is saying.  Well , I report that they did amazing!  **Between Isabelle getting to do so much with friends, etc and Olivia needing my constant attention , and Noah traveling more often etc...I feel Ben has been getting the short end of the stick lately.  He needs special one on one time with me.  Yesterday, I bought him an awesome book:  Brain Quest Workbook for Kindergarten.   We work on the pages together.  This is getting him ready to go back to school and we also get to spend special time together.  I love seeing how his little brain functions when he is figuring things out.  I adore how he sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth when he is concentrating on writing or drawing.  **I also bought Isabelle a book:  Bindi Irwin's wildlife adventures.  Both kids were shocked when I told him that her dad died of being stung by a stingray.  Especially since Ben was just touching and playing with stingrays at the zoo.  **I also bought me a book:  a classic that I have never read:  Animal Farm by George Orwell.  **We have a fun day planned with a special friend.  I am surprised the kids are not up yet.  I think I might wake them up with some Zumba.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We took the Animals to the Zoo

 I just love the giraffes.  I think I could watch them all day.
 Beautiful Peacock
 Isabelle's favorite animal this time was the : Dolphin
 Nobody really liked viewing this expired looking monkey
This is a :  Fairy Bluebird.  When you see one, you are supposed to make a wish on it before it flies away. 
LAst WeEk:  The kids and I spent some time at my parents house for a visit.  We don't get out there as often as we would like due to distance and busy schedules, so our time spent together is very precious to us all.  Besides "The FaLL", we had some very nice moments shared.  Isabelle finally got her Ears pierced as an early birthday gift.  She picked pretty pink flower stones.  For those that know, getting her ears pierced has been a long time dream for her , finally fulfilled.  She has been so great about cleaning them 3x a day.  She has been dreaming of all of the earrings in her future.  I was excited to be in my hometown, as it always brings back many memories.  I have had a taste for the local pizza (phil's), so I was excited when we ordered that for dinner one night.  Also, Isabelle wanted to try:  White Castles, so we did that one day too.  The kids had a blast playing with Grandpa.  Ben had LOTS of questions for Grandpa.   Grandma made special meals and treats and planned some projects.  Uncle Al brought special gifts from Mexico (including puppets and a coconut purse).  I got to shop and get some great paint supplies.  We looked at old pictures and heard and told great stories.  This time has gone fast, but it is cherished.  Paintings & Other updates to come soon.  Happy Sunday.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

tHe FaLL

I don't think I have ever prayed harder in my life than at the moment that my EMT brother, holding my baby girl, told me to call 911.  All that went through my head is that it must be bad if he is telling me to call. This Wednesday, visiting my family, after enjoying a nice day at the zoo and finishing dinner...we were sitting on the back patio talking.  Olivia climbed up on one of the chairs and I let her sit there.  I let her sit there because she was so happy and smiling and laughing.  The next thing I know, she stands up and stumbles and hits her head on the table and falls to the concrete ground landing on her head before I can reach her.   She cries immediately, but then she stops.  She lost consciousness.  In the moments that followed she gained and lost consciousness.  She cried and she was quiet.  The time from the 911 call, the ride in the ambulance, the rush through the ER....all is a blur to me.  I prayed endlessly.  I held her hands, I talked to her and I sang to her.  I stayed calm for the most part.   Everyone told me she was showing good signs (the crying, and movement).  Because of the nature of the fall and loss of consciousness, the doctors wanted xrays and mri/cat scan to determine any internal bleeds, fractures, etc.  We waited for results for what seemed an eternity.  We waited in the room that had bambi painted on the door.  I felt like throwing up and passing out.  My mind raced with what if's and should haves.  Once I could pick her up, I cradled her like I never have before.  My heart felt like it was bleeding.  Fear, Guilt and Sadness overwhelmed me.  But, I was also hopeful and I was so thankful because I believed at that point that she was going to be o.k. and she was.   The tests came back clear.  She was o.k.  My baby was o.k.  This nightmare was over, I was blessed to be taking my baby home. I was next to Olivia when she woke up the next morning.  She opened her eyes and very softly said: hi. I cried and smiled.  Hi baby.   Olivia is a climber, an adventurer, an explorer...she is nonstop.  I can't and won't let this baby girl out of my sight or reach in any potential dangerous situation.  I will not rest until she is resting.  I will not let go.  If I could put this baby in bubble wrap, believe me - I would.  But, I can't.  She needs to live her life in the real world and so do I.  I vow to protect her to the best of my ability always.  This precious little being is entrusted to me and I need to be always diligent.  I am so sorry and so sad that I let this baby get hurt.  She fell and I wasn't close enough and fast enough to stop it.  I shouldn't have let her sit on that chair, but I did.  Everyone tells me these accidents happen.  It doesn't change that I feel that I failed her.  It doesn't change that I could have lost my world that day. Within seconds ours lives could have changed.  Thank you, God for your Grace.  What I could not control, God did.  Thank you to my brother for being by my side and helping throughout the process.  Thank you for my parents for keeping the children calm and safe and loved and for praying for my baby.  Thank you to the emts/drs/nurses who cared for my baby.  I believe I was taught some lessons from this horrible experience.  I can't take my blessings for granted.  I have an important purpose on this earth to be the best mother that I can possibly be for these children.  That is what matters.  That is why I am here.  I have many feelings and thoughts to sort through, but something I know for sure is that each moment that I have on this earth is a gift and I must continue to LoVe with everything that I have to give.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Broccoli & Blueberries

Photograph:  Broccoli and Blueberries from our Garden.  On this lovely Saturday in July, I share the following:  A fly just landed on me and I wish death upon it.  Flys really BuG me.  I tried to smack it but, of course it escapes.  Ben is next to me playing with his Silly Putty and a pirates knife.  He keeps making things and asking me to guess what they are.  So far:  a snake, a rope, a worm, a bigger snake, a longer snake, a thicker snake....oh and another snake.  Olivia is drinking some MiLk so, I have bought myself a few moments of peace.  Noah is taking a nAp because he just rode his bike to Wisconsin and back.  Isabelle is at a playdate/sleepover at her girlfriend's house.  There is rumor that the husband is taking me and the remaining clan, out for the evening meal.  That of course means that I will have to attempt to look somewhat presentable to society since the rumored place is of decent stature.  This means clothes without holes and make up and some hair brushing.  I cut the boy child's hair and didnt do as a super job as I first suspected.  Now, I will have to have someone fix it up!  Good thing boy child is thrilled with the haircut and loves me to pieces.  Good thing he doesnt have a mirror to see the back.  I hear a bird chirping but cannot identify it.  The slight breeze coming through the window sure is swell.  I swept up lots of dog hair and cherrios today.  I suspect that there will be more tomorrow.  I sent a painting out into the world without taking a picture of it and this makes me feel like I lost something special.  I am astonished that we are already in the midst of July.  I now hear Olivia throwing hangers and books in her room.  I guess I should just look at it like she is rearranging. I got a nice letter today.  My current favorite song is: Hurt performed by Johnny Cash.  I started reading a book I got from the library:  So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.  I started a fun painting last night but had to put it away due to time restraints.  Ben and I watched ALF together last night and wow, did the memories of the 80's come flowing back.  The kids and I have been dancing in the kitchen lately and it's quite crazy and fun.  Olivia is by far the best dancer of us all.  I picked up some new contact lenses yesterday and would like to report that my eyes have been doing super since the Dr. suspected that it might be the solution that I was using.  Olivia will not let me keep a barrette or rubber band in her hair.  She rips them out at first opportunity.  Her hair hangs over her eyes and she is happy and I give up the battle.  Her new favorite thing to do is: climb on my bed and then run to the corners and stop and fall down right before she falls over the edge.  She laughs the whole time, me...not so much.  Cleaning out my lazy susan recently, I discovered things stuck in the way back (pinched my arm and left a big bruise reaching for one of the suckers).  There were products from 1952.  O.k., maybe not that old, but old enough to make me question:  when was the last time I cleaned this out and why do I have this?  Don't EVER take your shoes off around Olivia:  your shoes WILL go missing!  You may even find them or at least one of them in the dog food. Vanilla Extract and an H20 mix are supposed to make for a good bug repellent.   I guess that's all I have to say.  Good Day.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Master Chef Olivia

 Today we will be cooking with a very talented and creative young lady.  Please meet :  Master Chef Olivia.  She is so excited to be whipping up a very special dish for us today.
 Here we see Chef O as she is deeply thinking about what would be the best recipe to make.  She really wants to wow us with her creation.  She shares with me that her love of food began a long time ago when her 2 teeth came in.  Although she still only has the 2, she insists that her palette is seasoned and sharp.
 Once her recipe is decided, she inspects and gathers her fresh ingredients, utensils and kitchenwares.  The ideas start flowing and she gets to work.
 Chef Olivia works endlessly on this amazing dish.  She spoons and stirs and measures and tastes.  She tosses, flattens, smooshes and tastes some more.  The process seems complicated yet she makes it look so fun and easy.  Each step is important to get the proper product in the end.  Her methods are unusual, and she talks, giggles and screams alot during the process.  Step by step, she is getting it done while being hugely entertaining at the same time which is a wonderful quality in this profession.
...and finally, she whips off her hat:.. the dish is complete.  The Chef seems very happy with the results.  I still don't know what it is exactly that she has made for us today, but if she is happy, I am sure it is a 5 star meal!  Thank you for joining us today!, I have to get the clean up crew in here...and the Chef needs some milk and a nap.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Red White and Boo

 Here we see the baby girl gearing up to be lots of trouble.  This kid is a nonstop whirlwind of distruction.  What is so neat about what she is wearing in this photo is that Isabelle had the same outfit when she was around the same age.  So I pulled out the scrapbooks this weekend to find the photos for comparision.  It was fun.  Then the kids and I went through some of the books and it was so fun to look back and remember our special moments and see how much the kids have grown.  It also gave me the giant urge, to get my stuff out and start trying to catch up a little bit.  I honestly have not done much since Olivia has been born.  She has a few pages that include her but that is it.  So, the guilt sets in.  I must keep this goal on the top of my list.  My scrapbooking brain even pulled sparkler boxes out of the garbage because they will look great on a page layout! 
 Here is the lovely trio all decked out in their red white and blue. 
 Here's Benny Boo running around like a firecracker before the fireworks.  Yes, he still needs a haircut.
 Beautiful Isabelle was thrilled that we saw a class friend before the firework activities.  They got to play for quite awhile together.  Olivia was not interested in the fireworks yet this year.  I had to keep her from empting out my whole purse into the darkness of the grass. 
One of the evenings recently, Noah made this coconut chicken on the grill.  It was very good.  So, the long holiday weekend is finally over and to be quite honest, sometimes 4 day weekends can get a little too long.  The heat doesnt really help the situation either.  This holiday I felt like Cinderella and not in a good the way that she she has so many tasks to do that she never makes it to the ball.  Oh well.  That is my rant of whining and feeling sorry for myself, now I must move on to happy thoughts and lovely days. I'm excited about many wonderful projects and events on the horizon.  It looks beautiful outside, can't wait to start TODAY.